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Visit Shree Ram Mandir Ayodhya in 2023 with

Sanatanaverse is an immersive Virtual Reality based spiritual metaverse platform that takes users through real-world spiritual experiences. It is the first spiritual 3D space that merges technology & religion in a sacred & devotional environment.

SanatanaVerse is the first Metaverse company in India to bring a 360° virtual tour and Mandir Darshan facility on its Metaverse platform for Sanatana devotees.

SanatanaVerse is a Metaverse-based platform and part of the JNC Techlabs conglomerate. The inception of advanced technologies and the modernisation of lifestyle somewhere affecting and uprooting our new generation from their culture…

The SanatanaVerse was founded in 2022 to sermonise the noble teachings of the Sanatana Dharma using advanced technology; SanatanaVerse envisages a world where accessing the teachings of Sanatana Dharma should be technologically advanced and more effortless. SanatanaVerse, a Metaverse platform, is dedicated to Santana Dharma and every learner, irrespective of age, gender or origin. SanatanaVerse aims to build a virtual world dedicated to Sanatana Dharma and its teachings. SanatanaVerse works parallel to the modernising society and offers services accordingly.

Our Values Revolve Around


SanatnaVerse is a Metaverse project that aims to connect people globally with the established Sanatan Dharma and Karma. The foresight of merging technologies and the most ancient scientific religion in the virtual world endows users to perform all spiritual activities virtually, from Vedic Rites and Rituals to the Tirth Yatra.

The long-term vision of the project includes Sanatana Avatar owned by users individually and Avatars of influential figures such as Meta Yogi (the Meta Avatar of the CM of Uttar Pradesh, Hon’ble Yogi Adityanath) and Meta Modi (the Meta Avatar of the PM of India, Hon’ble Narendra Modi) performing or hosting the puja and the yatra.

In your Meta Sanatana Avatar, you can enter into the virtual world, Sanatanverse. Instead of taming places and pilgrims in your Nashwar Avatar (human body), you can do every Dharmik Kriya + Karma in your Sanatana Avatar in the virtual verse. The process of embodying the Avatars is still in discussion.

Milestone to Achieve

SanatanaVerse, a Metaverse company in India, is beginning its journey with the Virtual Visit of Shree Ram Janmbhoomi in 2023, a year before the opening in 2024.
SanatanaVerse, a spiritual Metaverse platform, aspires to be the digital medium for the virtual darshan of prominent Hindu temples. SanatanaVerse is beginning its journey with the Shree Ram Mandir and with the will to integrate more temples in the future. SanatanaVerse allows users to sense the spirituality of Santana Dharma while sitting at home. Missions to accomplish and deliver in 2023 are as follows-

Prior Darshan of

Shree Ram Mandir

Experience an immersive virtual Shree Ram mandir darshan and more sacred places of Shree Ayodhya Ji Dham, the Janambhoomi of Maryada Purushottam Lord Shree Ram. Ayodhya is a prominent pilgrimage, being one of the seven Puris and the centre of Sanatan Dharma.

Virtual Mandir Darshan

SanatanaVerse is a digital space where users can skip long queues and crowds to have an immersive 360-degree virtual tour of Ram Mandir Ayodhya from their homes. View, read and touch the historical walls of the temple. Experience innumerable Hindu Temples and other historical or mythological places from Ram Janam Bhumi to Sarayu Ji River virtually.

Virtual Aarti

SanatanaVerse is a digital virtual world of spirituality where the users can attend, participate or perform live aarti in various temples virtually. The users of SantanaVerse can perform aarti, offer flowers and prasadam to their Aaradhya and get prasadam delivered to their homes without actually visiting the Mandir.

Perform Live Aarti

SantanaVerse offers an exclusive chance to its users to attend, perform or participate in the live aarti virtually. Evoke all your chakras by gracing the divine sight of Bhagwan Rama. The users can lose themselves in the Madhur bhajan (Religious Songs) and the heavenly fragrance of the mangal-deep, taste the God-graced prasadam and get blessed by the realistic touch sensation of the feet of God.

Offer Flowers & Prasad

SanatanaVerse, using artificial intelligence, virtual reality and extended reality, allows the users to have a realistic experience of offering flowers and prasad to God without intermediaries, queues and crowd obstructions.

Prasadam Home Delivery

SanatanaVerse users can receive the blessings of God in the form of prasadam and God-graced flowers that will be delivered to their real-world homes. This home delivery service blurs the line between the virtual reality world of SanatanaVerse and real life.

Sanatana Mart

SanatanaVerse offers a Satvik food and necessities buying facility through the Satvik shopping service. The Satvik Mart fulfils every Satvik necessity and is especially inclined towards promoting handicrafts and unrewarded gems globally. “Satvik” is a Sanskrit term which means clean, pure, and strong positive energy. Under this service, SanatanaVerse lists all the eco-friendly products on its platform related to Sanatana Dharma. A few main features below define the uniqueness and importance of Satvik shopping –

Lifting Medium and Small Enterprises

SanatanaVerse helps to elevate the regional economy by supporting small and medium enterprises. SanatanaVerse allows hawkers, regional vendors, and manufacturers to list their shops and products in the Satvik Mart and gives them a wider range of consumer base. SanatanaVerse creates virtual shops and manufacturing units for MSMEs on its platform and allows them to sell their Satvik products on its platform.

Shop a Range of Satvik Products

After the 360° virtual tour of the temple and experiencing the extraordinary architecture, users can buy a range of eco-friendly Satvik products, such as Prasad, Idols of Gods, religious paintings, lockets, bracelets, clothes, and various other products related to Sanatana Dharma, from the Metaverse platform to maintain a Satvik lifestyle.

Intercontinental Home Delivery

SanatanaVerse, a Metaverse platform, offers intercontinental home delivery service in the fastest time possible. SanatanaVerse is the only Metaverse company to provide home delivery service to its customers. The practitioners of Sanatana Dharma living in any part of the world can easily access things they require to follow Sanatana culture and rituals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sanatanaverse is a 3D virtual world based on the concept of Metaverse. Sanatanaverse offers a range of services to its users to explore ancient Sanatana culture, temples, and various other things. It facilitates taking a pilgrimage, offering or attending Arti, Satsang etc., all in a 3D Virtual Reality.
Sanatanaverse offers the near-to-real sensation of spirituality. Sanatanaverse delivers a real-time experience of Mandir Darshan, Aarti, and Satsangs. In addition to these services, Sanatanaverse also provides home delivery services of various holy things like Prashad, Jal, and commodities bought in the SanantanaVerse.
Yes! The user could get home delivery of premium products. Our intercontinental delivery system is one of the fastest in the world. We promptly deliver each product to the doorsteps of our users on time.