SanatanaVerse is the first Metaverse company in India to bring a 360° virtual tour and Mandir Darshan facility on its Metaverse platform for Sanatana devotees.

A Metaverse platform for

Sanatana Dharma

SanatanaVerse is a Metaverse-based platform and part of the JNC Techlabs conglomerate. The inception of advanced technologies and the modernisation of lifestyle somewhere affecting and uprooting our new generation from their culture. The SanatanaVerse was founded in 2022 to sermonise the noble teachings of the Sanatana Dharma using advanced technology; SanatanaVerse envisages a world where accessing the teachings of Sanatana Dharma should be technologically advanced and more effortless.

SanatanaVerse, a Metaverse platform, is dedicated to Santana Dharma and every learner, irrespective of age, gender or origin. SanatanaVerse aims to build a virtual world dedicated to Sanatana Dharma and its teachings. SanatanaVerse works parallel to the modernising society and offers services accordingly. 

SanatanaVerse has the mission and vision to integrate the famous and ancient temples and regional-level culture on its platform. SanatanaVerse offers a 360° virtual tour of the temple, virtual shopping, attending and organising puja, etc. SantanaVerse is currently beginning with the prestigious Shree Ram Mandir darshan and facilitating users to buy almost every product associated with Sanatana Dharma and its rituals.

Our Values


Around the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer of the universe!

The Virtual Tour of Shree Ram Janam Bhoomi, a year before the physical visit!​

Sanatan Dharm, i.e. the way of living, and beyond just Dharm.​

Milestone to Achieve

SanatanaVerse, a Metaverse company in India, is beginning its journey with a Virtual Visit of Shree Ram Janmbhoomi in 2023, a year before the opening in 2024.

SanatanaVerse, a spiritual Metaverse platform, aspires to be the digital medium for the virtual darshan of prominent Hindu temples. SanatanaVerse is beginning its journey with the Shree Ram Mandir and with the will to integrate more temples in the future. SanatanaVerse allows users to sense the spirituality of Santana Dharma while sitting at home. Missions to accomplish and deliver in 2023.