What is SanatanaVerse?

SanatanaVerse is a virtual reality world dedicated to Sanatana Dharma, the ancient Hindu religion. It is a platform that brings together all individuals following Sanatana Dharma and creates a unified organization. The goal of SanatanaVerse is to uplift and unite the Sanatana community collectively in every aspect of life, from economic upliftment to skill development, medical assistance to fulfilling daily use of necessities, legal assistance to preventing hate crimes against Hindus and too many other aspects. With the vision to ensure that every Sanatani can lead a happy life, SanatanaVerse wills to sermonise the noble teachings of Sanatana culture and practices.

Why be a Sanatani (a member) of SanatanaVerse ?

Sanatana is a cult and the oldest living civilization in the world. The term “Sanatana” refers to the eternal truth & the knowledge of the civilized society. Sanatana is not a religion but a “way of living” which preaches equality, liberalism, patience, perseverance, honesty, goodwill, mercy, forbearance, self-restraint, generosity, asceticism and a lot of other virtues that no other religion emphasizes. Sanatana brought spiritualism, philosophy, mathematics, and Ayurveda into this world. Ancient scriptures and books of Sanatana teach us the tract of ancient civilization and connect us with human history.

When you join SanatanaVerse, you are not becoming a member of a company, but you are joining a cult and becoming a family member of a huge universe which primarily focuses to empower you to achieve your dreams in different spheres. Examples of achievements will be available on our daily blogs which are going to be of fellow members of SanatanaVerse who will inspire you and others across the globe to go ahead and dream big and grab opportunities and make it big.

Benefits for


Become a Sanatani Now!

Membership starting from only Rs. 11/- onwards


  • Connect with the vast network of Sanatanis.
  • Darshan Ayodhya Shree Ram Mandir in 2023.
  • 5 to 20% Discount on popular brands.
  • Legal, Medical and Educational guidance.
  • One-call support from fellow Sanatani.


  • All the Benefits of the Sanatana Silver card
  • Facility to attend online and offline events.
  • Cashback on shopping.
  • VIP entry in prominent Hindu Shrines.
  • Surprise gift card and rewards.
  • Marriage assistance.


  • All the benefits of a Sanatana Bronze card.
  • Facility to attend online events.
  • Legal, Medical and Educational assistance.
  • Skill development sessions.
  • Free learning sessions of celebrated personalities.