“Sanatana Dharma”, which means “Eternal Truth”, teaches us the “way of living”. Dharma gives the perseverance to follow and spread the purpose of Sanatana teachings.

Dharma brings discipline into one’s life and gives one the strength to know their true purpose. Dharma Gyan for an individual is doing and getting involved in ethical living. Dharma is a righteous method to live life. The significance of Dharma in Sanatana culture is on prevalent since ancient times. Dharma does not resemble any religion or sect. Rather Dharma is a term whose value could be different for every individual. Dharma gives sight to the people to differentiate between right and wrong.

Dharma is a vast term, and many interpretations of this term are available in the world. However, most interpretations define one view that the Dharma brings discipline to one’s life. Dharma is a way of living that empowers a person to be more determined and purpose-oriented. Living the correct path is the Param-Dharma and the only way to become an admirable and generous Aatma in the eyes of Paramaatma. 

The sole objective of SanatanaVerse is to prevent the oldest culture from distractive modernisation and spread the true teachings of Sanatana Dharma with adequate adoption of modernisation. SanatanaVerse strictly follows the right route of Dharma and spread spirituality and the right way of living across the world with its virtual Metaverse platform. The noble objective of SanatanaVerse is to spread awareness about Sanatana culture, rituals, and practices. SanatanaVerse has been developed to help far-residing Hindus to follow their culture without facing distance constraints.