Shree Ram is the epitome of 'Karma'. SantanaVerse, following his path, offers a virtual tour of Shree Ram Temple, a symbol of culture, unity & devotion a year before its opening.

Karma is the actions we perform and our duties towards other beings and the universe that governs our destinies. It is believed that a ‘Jiva’ (Human being) can only attain Moksha (Liberation) from the cycle of birth and death through his/her good ‘Karma’. Integrating the different schools of thought of Santana Dharma, SanatanaVerse, brings the concept of a Metaverse that is based on the ultimate ‘Karma’ of making spirituality accessible to every person residing in any part of the world.

Shree Ram is called ‘Purushottam’ because he stood firm on all his duties and hence, became the epitome of ‘Karma’. Thus, SantanaVerse gives prime focus to the Shree Ram Temple and provides some relief to centuries of wait by offering a virtual tour of Shree Ram Mandir in 2023, which is a year before its actual opening.

The users can perform the good ‘Karma’ or ‘Punay’ of visiting the Ram Mandir, in SanatanaVerse from their homes. The users can get graced with Lord Shree Ram’s blessings even if they can’t visit the temple in the real world. The prospective visitors of Ayodhya can get familiar with the city and the temples in SantanaVerse before actually visiting the temple.